Psymun abstract instrumentals.


Simon Christensen aka Psymun is a 21 year-old beat maker and producer currently living in St. Paul, MN. Growing up in Wisconsin on a healthy diet of The White Stripes, Outkast, and all things (Mad)villainous, Psymun began producing beats in his bedroom while his high school classmates were focused on booze pick-ups and varsity sports. To date, he’s produced for rappers including Co$$, Scienze, Prizm, Rich Garvey, and many others. SSV3, a full length LP with Damacha, released on May 2nd, is Psymun’s most fully realized effort to date and a project that’ll make heads take notice.


 mjmj ssv3

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Acid Flash Back With The Hush Crew.

Radii sponsors the hush crew very own acid flash back event on april 27 2013 .The hush crew boldly stepped up to the plate by booking several of the biggest names in the Acid and Soul / Disco / Funky House genres for this event with 2 rooms of fun and a complete art installation and some of the best visuals we seen in a while . Some of the djs at the event legendary house dj steve loria and dj jeno from san francisco’s wicked ,kenny summit,jaymistic,scott k and many others. Room 2  was on fire and the vibe was really great and dj’s in the Soul /Disco / Funk room really picked it up a notch and were dropping straight dance floor bombs! Scott K Boxmusic, Eddie Barajas, Kenny Summit, Mike DjFido Reyes, and Bret Wallace practically burnt that basement down with the heat they were playing. Be sure to catch the hush crews next event  heart and soul with los angeles very own dj doc martin.


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The New “CLOUD 9 Sock Liners”

In our continued efforts to improve our brand and to grow ourselves as a global company, we are very happy to introduce to you our BRAND NEW technology, the CLOUD 9 SOCK LINER. Starting for Summer 2013 and going forward, the line will come fitted with our brand new Cloud 9 sock liners. We’ve taken elements of what we already used in our sock liners, and really refined and perfected the new ones for a superior comfort and look.

Coming SUMMER 2013…21093_10151316757096910_1185242976_n

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Wet Dream Nightmare Realities -The Art Of Emmeric James Konrad

Emmeric Konrad spent 4 years in the United States Marine Corps before going on to earn a BFA from Otis/Parson’s when it was still in the trenches of MacArthur Park. Since graduating from Otis his work has been shown in the United states , Germany and Japan. Emmeric’s work has been compared to the edgy pop artists of the late seventies and the early eighties, but with his own personal vision, at once perverse and strangely satirical. Inspired by Walt Disney’s humorous creations and by the intensity of such artist as Otto Dix, Goya and De Kooning, Konrad gravitates to the darker side of the human psyche. With childlike images of pigs, dogs, mice, and people replete with exaggerated attributes, Konrad’s paintings are happily manic expressions of equally innocent and painfully troubled characters interacting and willfully acting out.He delights in bringing his unique inner world to the canvas.Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 8.20.08 PM Continue reading